Dr. Sarita Jain

Dr. Sarita Jain has a doctorate in acupuncture under the guidance of Prof Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya, she has learnt Korean sujok therapy from
Prof Park Jae Woo. She is practising Acupuncture & sujok therapy since 1999.

She is a grand master in Reiki and practicing Reiki & crystal therapy. She is also a vastu consultant (pyramid and crystal vastu) and a numerologist.

She has gained knowledge of London bach flower under the guidance of
Dr. Krishnamurthy

Apart from the above she is practising Aroma & beauty therapy since 1989


Swetha a young spiritual and energetic tarot reader has been conducting tarot reading sessions since 2007. Her path to select tarot reading as a career was inspired by Sunitha Menon – ace Indian tarot card reader. Her passion to do a bit to the society by guiding people through their troubles contributed in her becoming an excellent tarot card reader.

Swetha believes that Tarot card are the Silver lining amidst dark clouds of troubles and pain.

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